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Bags & Accessories packed with smart features for a Modern Woman's Lifestyle


Bubbles Kisses story has been in the making since 5 years ago and counting. Preparing to welcome our newborn, and looking for the right family gear that would suit my family's lifestyle and mine as a future working Momma was a challenge. A product that would not just last a trimester but instead would transition with our growing baby & my Modern Mom needs, was nowhere yet made. From there on, was the happy little start of Bubbles Kisses.

Out of a need, I started drawing, cutting materials and designing prototypes. But it wasn't until 3 years after, that the very first Bubbles Kisses bag was born, it was the LuciAddi Momma Backpack.

LuciAddi was successfully launched via Kickstarter in 2019 and started fulfilling orders the same year. With our first experience of launching, we have learned a lot. So many processes and trials we had to hurdle but in the end, Bubbles Kisses proved that there is definitely a need for it to grow and continue designing family gears for Modern Mamas, like me.

Our designs will always be Functional, classy & versatile!

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