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2019 Bubbles Kisses


Hi I'm Alexa!  I am the Mom behind Bubbles Kisses…


This journey started when I became a Mom to my dear son. Our mother and son experience from his babyhood to now toddler years, made me learn to love again my drawing board. Drawing & sketching baby gears that I know would make our daily goings much easier & more organized. Out of necessity and frustration for something I wish existed, LuciAddi and this one-of-a-kind bag came about.


In all our travels and out & about dates, I always struggle with all the bags I had. It’s either lack of space, pocket size is too small for its purpose, or too diaper-Y that I had to have two bags with me for my son and for my work. And of course, there’s that price factor but lacks quality. Those frustrations became my inspiration to design a bag that would greatly help parents and would make each Momma stylishly-fab & happy!